About the Evaluation

Now that nearly two decades have passed since the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) was launched, there is good reason to ask questions about it:
The Global Independent Evaluation of the EITI is a wide-ranging project that seeks answers to these questions. In doing so, the Terms of Reference for the evaluation requires that it:
  • Be based on international best practice, provide credible and useful evidence to strengthen accountability for development results, and contribute to organisational learning.
  • Reflect the multistakeholder nature of the EITI through a participative approach that captures diverse stakeholder perspectives and expectations.
  • Focus on the relevance and effectiveness of the EITI in implementing countries, taking into account the diversity of national circumstances and EITI objectives.
  • Consider the overall effectiveness of the EITI at the global level based on the shared objectives expressed in the 2019 EITI Standard.
  • Produce a final report that presents a clear evaluation of the EITI’s effectiveness, with practical recommendations addressed to the EITI Board on opportunities to further strengthen the EITI.